Christian Education

Christian Education is a lifelong process that begins with our first breaths and continues until our last. Growing into the people God created us to be is a lifetime’s work of faith. This is not an individual pursuit: we need one another and the wisdom of tradition to help us. Along the way, we mark special transitions in our faith journey with sacraments: baptism, Eucharist, confirmation/reception, and others as our lives unfold: perhaps marriage, perhaps blessings on the ministry you find yourself called to, perhaps a prayerful approach to dying and death. 

We offer First/Early Communion classes and Confirmation (and Reception for those joining us from other denominations) as need arises. We anticipate both First Communion and Confirmation/Reception classes in Spring 2020; please contact the office ASAP to let us know you’re interested! 

Youth Group meets at 4 pm the first Saturday of each month in the Rectory.  Afterward, we help with Family Mass.

Adult formation in recent years has included a program for developing leadership, a prayer workshop, a Lenten series, and community dinners to deepen conversation about our spiritual lives. Have an idea? Let us know!