Memorials and Legacies


Memorials are monies that are given by families, friends, businesses to the church in memory of someone who has died. Our policy is to gather the money over a reasonable period of time, then to confer with the family about what could be purchased or what could be done that would make a meaningful remembrance of their departed loved one. 10% of the collected monies will be given to Outreach. The rest will be used in accordance with the family’s wishes, or if the family is not specific, the money may be spent in ways the vestry deems appropriate, after gathering ideas. A small plaque with the name of the departed person will be put on the larger plaque on the wall in the church.


Legacies are monies or properties that are left to St. Paul’s in people’s wills and estates. Obviously, this involves a decision before someone dies, and so we urge you to remember St. Paul’s in your will and estate plans. Legacy gifts that are not restricted in use will be split – 50% will be given to the Trustees to invest in the unrestricted endowment on St. Paul’s behalf. The other 50% will be placed in the “Mai Ironside Legacy Fund” for capital projects at St. Paul’s. A small plaque with the name of the giver of a legacy gift will be ​put on a larger plaque on the wall in the church.
​We are always grateful to those who leave legacies, and to those who make memorials. Either way, someone at St. Paul’s is remembered and St. Paul’s benefits. Please consider naming St. Paul’s in your will, and as a designee for memorial gifts in your obituary. These gifts really do good for this church.